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recruits active level 60+ players.

Level 6 Guild with a Level 3 Guild Base

* We are a friendly guild with helpful members who enjoy helping each other and running instances together.

* We are chatty, who joke around with each other (in a friendly manner) and at times get a bit pervy.

If you still wish to join RAWR or have questions please PM any of the officers shown on the left.

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Guild Rankings
RAWR's Rankings

  • -99 Contribution - Probationary Member
  • 100 Contribution - Honorable Member
  • 300 Contribution - Guild Member

*** A player needs 300 Contribution to join a Corps and is allowed 1 Alt Character. If you want to add a 2nd toon into RAWR then you need 80 Resistance across on 1 toon in RAWR to add 2nd alt.

If you wish to join a Corps, please PM one of the Corps Leaders (on the left).